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  • November 24, 2017
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Target Reviews

Target Reviews are being presented on RetailMyCoupon on the basis of people past experiences of buying things from Target.com


Target is a Christmas taking Grinch!

Put arrange on November 24th on their site. Request has been demonstrating handling since. They can’t reveal to me when it will dispatch.. Things we requested as Christmas presents are never again accessible anyplace else. Target is genuinely the Grinch that stole our Christmas!

Try not to arrange anything from Target Online …

Try not to arrange anything from Target Online and anticipate that it will be conveyed on time.

I requested treats, upon the arrival of conveyance , while the item was on the UPS , Target had UPS exchange my request over to USPS. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true , snail mail. I sat tight throughout the day for conveyance just to discover toward the day’s end and utilizing the following number that UPS needed to turn it over to USPS. One more day squandered sitting tight for conveyance for positively no reason.Way to go Target.


Appreciate the store, abhor the hold up

I appreciate shopping Target for their choice of stock however it is the most badly arranged store that is around… there is regularly twelve or so relates on the floor yet nobody can enable when you to require something they either don’t have the foggiest idea about the appropriate response or running the other way of the clients.

In any case, my greatest grievance about this store is the way that practically each and every time I’ve been in this store there has been a long hold up on the grounds that there is never more than 2 REGISTERS OPEN AT ALL TIMES and this is a super focus with individuals purchasing groceries…. it’s absurd… I wouldn’t fret paying a couple of dollars additional for a superior nature of stock at your store yet for Pete Sake take no less than 4 of the 12 relates on the floor and STICK THEM ON A REGISTER


Can’t trust the level of client …

Can’t trust the level of client benefit I got today. Was at the enroll and made a request to see a supervisor. Another clerk went down to recover her and after that came and said shes occupied however you can go see her at Customer Service on the off chance that you need?


Purchaser BEWARE!!



Target is the WORST organization ever!!!

Greetings, I requested an amusement from Target.com thus it dispatched out through UPS to USPS (for conclusive conveyance). All things considered, it wound up plainly lost in travel thus just the shipper (Target) can call UPS and USPS to request lost shipment measures/tracers. It was an entire bad dream managing Target client benefit. I managed Target visit reps Garry, Homer, Reuben, and Allie and they were all totally futile and simply needed to pass the buck to another person as opposed to doing their occupations and simply asking for Target Logistics enable me to locate the lost bundle. When I called Target client benefit, I obviously got their abroad India call focus. The primary woman couldn’t comprehend English in the wake of talking extremely moderate and rehashing myself 6 times. I next called another non-US Target rep JoJo who just hung up on me after I basically inquired as to whether Target could contact the transportation organizations so I could get my request. It had been lost for around 2 weeks. So I attempted to call Target corporate and the administrator there declines to give you a chance to address somebody in corporate and she just returns you in the total joke client benefit (India) call focus.

So since I endeavored to be pleasant and get this settled and Target could clearly mind less, I chose to put a BBB protest, a MN state lawyer general grievance (in MN in view of there Target corporate is found), and a FTC dissension. LOL, lo and view, I got my discount genuine before long. A while prior, I purchased a TV from Target.com and it was softened up 4 places due to this little podunk shipping organization they utilized (who clearly tossed the TV around and broke it). On the off chance that they had utilized UPS, USPS, or FedEx it would not have been broken.

I see many individuals on here who think they are out of cash with their Target understanding, however they simply need to do what I disputed it with your installment strategy, BBB, MN State Attorney General, and FTC and you will recover your cash. Try not to give Target a chance to take your cash and abandon regularly getting it back. It just makes me completely wiped out Target was simply so difficult to manage. Can’t the corporate individuals see that their frightful client benefit is the reason they are losing so gravely to Amazon? I will never, ever go to Target again (stores or on the web) as they clearly could totally think less about clients. Amazon and Wal Mart would have sent me a substitution or discount in one call. A debt of gratitude is in order for perusing!


Charge card administrations held tight me and …

Charge card administrations held tight me and wouldn’t give me a case id number to report awful administration.


Today, I headed to Delaware’s Target to buy Hanukkah presents for my 6 year old god-girl. I required endowments, a Hanukkah card and Hanukkah blessing wrap No issue, isn’t that so? I mean Delaware has a sizable Jewish people group and Target is a national chain:Here’s what I discovered; one end top with Hanukkah merchandise that was 1/8 full. There was practically nothing there! Truly

Target, would you say you are endeavoring to affront the Jewish people group in this nation? I found a couple of cards, no blessing wrap and some chocolate coins. That is it. You ought to be embarrassed about yourselves.


I purchaced 2 present cards from the simi …

I purchaced 2 present cards from the simi store a couple of hours back. I requested blessing receipts so on the off chance that they had any issue utilizing them they would have the number. I called the number on the receipt since I got 2 and none of the numbers compared to my receipts. The blessing number segment didn’t respond in due order regarding more than 30 minutes. I addressed numerous individuals at the simi store lastly addressed Regina , who said she was the administrator. She kept me on the telephone for quite a while and was no assistance and she instructed me to call the gift voucher number. I was at that point on that number for 30 min. I asked her who her director is and she disclosed to me Petty, however she was occupied. .

I will NEVER shop here again, I will restore the gift voucher and I will tell everybody of my companions and contacts to not shop here. It is ludicrous that the principle administration doesn’t comprehend what is happening in the stores and how the clients are being dealt with. I may begin remaining outside of your stores and dissent the way clients are dealt with. Refresh. I called tonight when I returned home and was kept on the telephone for 2t minutes with no determination and when I asked to conversed with a director I was told there are none as of now and I can get back to tomorrow. I asked tbe lady I was conversing with on the off chance that she had an issue who might she go to and she let me know there are no directors on as of now. I trust administration sees what clients need to manage at this organization. NEVER SHOPPING HERE AGAIN

Requested a thing recieved an affirmation … DISSAPOINTING! !

Requested a thing recieved an affirmation email,two days after the fact recieved another email stating,sorry things not accessible. This has happened twice with two fifferent orders. Call respersentatives about requests, I was on hold for 10-15 min call drops on they’re end I need to get back to, same thing once more. Repulsive client mind and evidently insufficient stock to satisfy orders. Extremely DISSAPOINTING!!


Never at any point arrange from target.com

I requested a sew from target, never got the stitch, spent various days and hours on telephone, one day addressing 3 unique individuals getting three distinct stories on the telephone and getting 3 distinct stories. recently I was sent to an acceleration authority, exceptionally impolite, unconcerned and not accommodating and told m she would put in for a discount, today I recover a mark to send the stock I never got to get my discount. so I have no stitch and they have my cash and I cannot recover my cash without restoring a knit I never got. I would urge individuals not to arrange from target.com and im recording a grumbling with bbb.

Straightforward refreshed, not basic at Target.

Striven for a considerable length of time to refresh my email address on Target.com and never got a confirmation email. Called 800 number twice to get disengaged, at that point visit, at that point another number just to be advised I would need to agree to accept another record (losing all the data for past requests) JUST TO CHANGE MY EMAIL ADDRESS??????????????????????????? Perhaps a stone tablet is next. So baffled!

They have no lines!

They have no lines! No issue by any stretch of the imagination!

Attempted in store pickup for the principal …

Attempted in store pickup out of the blue a couple of days back and it was super helpful. Formally my better approach to shop.

Most exceedingly awful client service..Never prescribe …

Most exceedingly awful client service.Never prescribe to anybody and I’ll not backpedal to target.The representatives are inconsiderate. Not by any means worth of 1 star.



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