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  • December 23, 2017
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eBay Reviews

eBay Reviews are presenting on RetailMyCoupon is 100% on the basis of people’s opinion on various review forums.


“Try not to SELL”

There is by all accounts no guarantess or any confirmations with this site. Strategies are not clear. They charge more than 10% for every thing you offer. You need to pay for the mark to offer. Essentially you pay for everything and your in charge of everything and ideally the purchaser doesn’t state you broke it when they truly did on the grounds that now you gotta pay for some more things. Dont do it. Its not worth the problem. Your happier offering on Facebook or present. EBay is a trick. I even called and was hanged up on and when I at last experience to some person they unmistakably did not think about my worries and revealed to me well send and email and ideally the purchaser answers if not there’s no other viable option for us… That is eBay for you


“Most advantageous Ecom site”

easy to shop, awesome correspondence, fast reaction to my issues, 100% cash back guarantee. Ebay is still superior to the others.Great to locate some great arrangements.


“Thing not recieved”

Bad Service. I have not gotten the item. Particularly disillusioned and they even not supplanted me with the thing and furthermore have not discounted me the thing.


“2010 Harley Davidson”

I Have Listed My Bike $60 Dollars Paid , Relisted $60 Paid Relisted $60 I Get A Bill $124.00 They say For Insertion Fees $40 And Then I Get An Advance And Upgrade Fee $84.00 Dollars. This Doesn’t Show Up Anywhere,


“adore ebay”

ive never had an issue with this administration and most things are free delivering on the off chance that you dont mind holding up a little longer so its extraordinary when im tied on money and can just spend the sum for the thing


“405 requests”

I have put in around 400 requests in 3 years,i have gotten some awful items yet they have refunded,i am as yet purchasing through this stage.


“Incredible place to purchase anything from anyplace”

I am an enthusiastic online customer and I truly appreciate that I can purchase anything from everywhere throughout the world. The costs great particularly in the event that I can offer on a closeout. Offering can be an extraordinary diversion too. Obviously, I had some awful arrangements however general I am happy with the stage. When I didn’t get an item… read more


“Ebay Global Shipping”

Costly, moderate, no a la mode following. 5days prior said out for conveyance however was 3500 miles away, add up to garbage . Never refresh, no thought carrier’s identity, got stuff speedier from China. On the off chance that you have another alternative would utilize, Global delivery from Ebay, is loathsome. Could never utilize again


“Most exceedingly bad Customer benefit, offices are not coordinated”

Seaward client bolster isn’t help in any way, after numerous hours of being on the telephone and between 4 or 5 exchanges, they were not ready to determine the issue.

“Being called a blackmailer”

I got this offending email from eBay in light of the fact that I got low quality thing from therenmystore (The RenMy Store and Homewares). I was so disturbed when I got the thing that I simply left legit negative criticism. At no stage did I approach the dealer for a discount of $15 on the grounds that I simply chose to have my say and suck it up as a poor buy.

The significance of the word blackmail is to debilitate somebody in return for monetary gain…. I basically did not do this. The merchant reached me to change my input and I said no in light of the fact that I would mislead say I was content with the buy when I wasn’t\ she went and whined to eBay and consequently I got this email.

eBay strategy rupture: Feedback Extortion


Weve took a gander at your eBay record and see that some of your activities don’t take after eBay’s Feedback Extortion strategy. Subsequently, we’ve made the accompanying strides:

– The accompanying input you exited has been expelled:

“I am A Seller and Buyer”

I purchased an I telephone 5C for my granddaughter for christmas as of late. I chose to initiate it to ensure it was all the merchant said it was. It actuated fine and dandy, the issue is it doesn’t keep time. It runs 5plus hours behind, wifi doesn’t hold, I asked for an arrival with no word from purchaser. It is anything but difficult to charge a people Mastercard, yet difficult to get individuals these days to concede they got an issue, I have chosen for a couple of reasons that it isn’t a decent season to offer or purchase on ebay. Purchasers and Sellers get unfavorable criticism. On the off chance that you are not a major name, you most likely don’t get your thing out there before you need to relist, more fee’s. Closeout style postings is only a permit now to take costly items. Individuals offer on your things and after that don’t pay, or claim they thought it was new. I just returned to ebay, and I will leave similarly as snappy. I will pay my bill and erase my postings and close my record. This isn’t the season to help any business, that is flimsy about supporting you. I will write off the telephone buy and show it on another commercial center with honest actualities and the greater washout will be the dealer, who’s notoriety won’t hold water as news travel that his or her items are without a doubt flawed. I am a seller, who moves items, and work with individuals who likewise sold on ebay for quite a long time, yet over the top charges or an excessive number of issues pushed them appropriate out the entryway. Ebay is an expansive commercial center, so you can expect issues not far off. I simply accept keep it little, and have a say in my item.


“the best”

easy to shop, extraordinary communication,quick reaction to my issues, 100% cash back guarantee . Ebay is still superior to the others .Great to locate some great arrangements.


“No Refund”

Client benefit is one of the most exceedingly terrible in the business. When you have to return something, you are just given 5 business days, yet the merchant has 6 days to give your discount. My thing was delivered back instantly after I got it. That took into consideration 7 days to achieve the dealer. Lamentably, the mail station guarantees there has been a postponement in conveying my bundle to the vender with no clarification. If it’s not too much trouble be careful when requesting on Ebay as you may never get a discount.


“I offer (and purchase) on Ebay it’s still superior to the next person”

The title says everything. With the exception of Amazon, Ebay is still superior to the others that have flown up. I read the audits for Posh, I attempted Swap, and some different destinations to offer on. Simply getting up and running is excessively muddled. They need your contacts data; they need various stuff. I do well – not fabulous – on Ebay and however it’s experiencing some sensational changes, I value that it’s around for 3P like me.


“incredible to locate some great arrangements better then tophatter”

been ebaying for around 2 years and like the arrival approach on products not conveyed. Etsy is likewise a decent site to yet it now bits of workmanship and handcrafting.

“Try not to trust ebay input”

A current affair where I obtained a ‘repaired’ PC from an organization called pcdeals09 on ebay transformed into significant issues. The PC OS or HDD fizzled. I reached the dealer.


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